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Wentors is a global community dedicated to the growth of women in technology

  • Free mentorship program for women in technology worldwide.
  • A vibrant community of 5000+ women in tech across five continents.
  • Mentored 700+ women in technology globally within our first year
  • 3000+ careers participants trained and educated in industry relevant soft skils
  • Aiming to impact 8,000,000+ women worldwide by 2030 to change the narratives for women in tech

We are commited to transforming lives while pursuing our stated goals. Should you choose to join use, you'll find that are in the right place and in good hands

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Become a wentor or wentee in one of our cohorts to build relationships that positively impact career growth.


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We organize and host regular career building and development events for women in technology with varying levels of experience


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We are constantly collaborating with various coporate entities and tech communities to delivery value to the tech eco system

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We have lots of amazing feedback regarding our mentorship cohorts from participants. Below are testimonies from some of our wentors and wentees which is a testament to what we have achieved. We hope you are inspired to join us.

Chisom Odinde, Nigeria

Participated as a wentee

Being part of the ‘We-Discover’ cohort helped me become more accountable, and aware of my communication style and how to use it efficiently. The best part of the program for me, was my wentor, also the various Saturday trainings and webinars on communication, networking as so on.

Sheryl Netley, UK

Participated as a wentor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring opportunity Wentors has given me. I joined to help others discover their own potential and ended up discovering so much more about myself in the process. I will definitely be participating in the future cohorts if the opportunity arises, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to my peers

Aarti Balana, Hong Kong

Participated as a wentor

It was truly an amazing experience mentoring Wentees on this journey. They both are very dedicated and hardworking and there is definitely a spark in them. I would be happy to recommend them or help them in the future as well.

Ebere Nkoro, Nigeria

Participated as a wentor

The concept behind Wentor is a great one that leaves a Wentor/Wentee feeling fulfilled with the time spent here. There's a great deal to learn from all the relationships.

Anouk G., Switzerland

Participated as a wentee

Dear Sherifah, I am so grateful for the wonderful job Wentors have done of pairing us together. It was obvious right from our very first meeting that we are on the same wavelength and can learn a great deal from each other... I have left each and every one of our sessions with new insights, food for thought, and/or concrete action points to work towards... - Special thank-you note to her wentor.

Sade Phillips, UK

Participated as a wentee

Dear Adeola, it was a pleasure working with you these past few weeks. Your expert knowledge has helped me on my journey to becoming a Software Engineer. You have introduced new technologies for me to study such as Bootstrap and responsive design that has greatly enhanced my arsenal of tools... - Special thank-you note to her wentor