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Our believe in your potential is why we have developed a detailed and well thought out process


We support your ambitions as a woman in technology and want to be a part of your success story


We have an ambitious goal of impacting 8,000,000+ women worldwide by 2030 and are dedicated to changing the narratives of women in technology, transforming lives and making millions of dreams a reality through this process.


To nurture women in technology everywhere


To build a community of women in technology that nurtures, trains and caters for each other

What We Do

Mentorship, we feel is critical to increasing the number of women in technology. We are deeply committed to joining forces with women all across the world and giving our voices to guarantee that we are equally represented in an industry that we have always been a part of.

Our approach to mentorship

We've created a number of programs with an approach that caters to every woman's individual requirement, from choosing a professional path to unleashing talent potential.

As a technology driven community, we developed a product that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (machine Learning) algorithms to evaluate compatibility between mentor-mentee pairs. We leverage this tech product to pair mentors to specific mentees. Our product also provides mentors with a mentoring framework, reverts continuous feedback to mentees, and progression measurement indicators for both parties.

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Our sponsors support our goal of helping women to build successful careers in technology


Our partners help us to reach out to more women who could participate in our programs as wentors or wentees

Our Team

The Wentors team is composed of passionate professionals who share the same commitment and drive about 'women in tech'. Below are the members of our leadership team.

Eduabasi Chukwunweike


EduAbasi began her IT career with Microsoft six years ago as a Cloud Solution Specialist, and has continuously delivered on her tasks since beginning her career, and she presently works as the Partner and Start-up lead for Microsoft West Africa.

During her many years in the profession, she learned that gender prejudice was a standard that people had become accustomed to. Many people were astonished that she was a woman in a position of leadership in technology.

Her desire to see more women in technology in leadership and C-level positions motivated her to challenge the status quo and play a role in levelling the playing field.

Unoma Adeyemi

CEO, Co-Founder

Unoma had aspired to be a doctor before settling on a university course of study. She desired a job in which she could have a beneficial influence on society.

Unoma had an instinctive drive to assist communities and believed that by better understanding economic systems and their repercussions, she would be able to identify methods to effect good change. However, after establishing a career in economics and finance, Unoma then chose to shift career paths into the tech industry.

She pursued an MBA and felt reenergized after realizing the impact of technology in the lives of everyday people.

Mfon Ekpo


Mfon is an astute development professional with an outstanding record of result-oriented engagements in civil society organizations, advocacy, policy reform, and a proven history of improving personal and organizational systems in both the public and private sectors. She has over 11 years of experience in community development, human resource management, negotiation, and conflict resolution etc.

She is very passionate about capacity building.


We have lots of amazing feedback regarding our mentorship cohorts from participants. Below are testimonies from some of our wentors and wentees which is a testament to what we have achieved. We hope you are inspired to join us.

Chisom Odinde, Nigeria

Participated as a wentee

Being part of the ‘We-Discover’ cohort helped me become more accountable, and aware of my communication style and how to use it efficiently. The best part of the program for me, was my wentor, also the various Saturday trainings and webinars on communication, networking as so on.

Sheryl Netley, UK

Participated as a wentor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring opportunity Wentors has given me. I joined to help others discover their own potential and ended up discovering so much more about myself in the process. I will definitely be participating in the future cohorts if the opportunity arises, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to my peers.

Aarti Balana, Hong Kong

Participated as a wentor

It was truly an amazing experience mentoring Wentees on this journey. They both are very dedicated and hardworking and there is definitely a spark in them. I would be happy to recommend them or help them in the future as well.

Ebere Nkoro, Nigeria

Participated as a wentor

The concept behind Wentor is a great one that leaves a Wentor/Wentee feeling fulfilled with the time spent here. There's a great deal to learn from all the relationships.

Anouk G., Switzerland

Participated as a wentee

Dear Sherifah, I am so grateful for the wonderful job Wentors have done of pairing us together. It was obvious right from our very first meeting that we are on the same wavelength and can learn a great deal from each other... I have left each and every one of our sessions with new insights, food for thought, and/or concrete action points to work towards... - Special thank-you note to her wentor.

Sade Phillips, UK

Participated as a wentee

Dear Adeola, it was a pleasure working with you these past few weeks. Your expert knowledge has helped me on my journey to becoming a Software Engineer. You have introduced new technologies for me to study such as Bootstrap and responsive design that has greatly enhanced my arsenal of tools... - Special thank-you note to her wentor

Nancy Kimani, Kenya

Participated as a wentee

I really appreciate to have known the program as it has helped me a lot. Thanks for giving out the certificates, it will help a lot.

Ameerat Bello, Nigeria

Participated as a wentee

I didn't know what to expect at first from the Power of 2 but it was a powerful experience. I'm glad to have been a part of this program. It's a gift for me and I'm super thankful to the organizers.